English Easy for Everybody


The CLIL project at 
Arcangel Sant Rafel school

Sant Rafel is a little, modest school located close to the centre of Palma. We have nearly 400 students and 30 teachers. We have a Pilot Project in which Phisical Education or Arts & Crafts are taught in English in Primary since 2008-2009, and Social Science and Arts & Crafts are taught in English in Secondary since 2004-2005. We, Tina and Marta, teach in Secondary and we named our project EEE, English Easy for Everybody.

We enjoy working on and for this project. Our strongest point is our mutual understanding and reliance. In our context, we find three very important ADVANTAGES:

  • The first one is the great availability to coordinate. We meet two hours every week to keep track of each other’s classes and to plan the following ones, not to mention the opportunities of meeting in the corridors between the classes.
  • Another important advantage is the inclusion of ALL the students of the centre in our project EEE. As experienced educators, we feel authorised to state that having all the pupils studying the same topic (maybe at different levels) really works and makes them feel like part of the group.
  • Finally, the accessibility of new technologies is an important asset in our school.

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CLIL project by

Marta Gual Marquès

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